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חוג תפירה ילדים

Sewing Classes For Children 

In the children's sewing class, we offer children a fascinating and creative experience in the world of sewing. The class is intended for children aged 11-13 and is held in small groups of up to five children only, in order to ensure maximum safety conditions and provide individual support for each child.

The class takes place once a week (not including holidays). We start by learning the basics of sewing and the sewing machine, and progress from there to simple and creative sewing techniques. During the class we will learn how to sew simple items such as bags, pillows and purses using quality materials and according to the level of ability and knowledge of each child. In addition, the class promotes the children's creativity, perseverance and self-confidence and encourages creative thinking and problem solving. We invite your child to join us in our fascinating and creative children's sewing class and experience a diverse world of sewing and creation with their little hands.

Registration based on availability

call: 054-225-3009

  • Is there insurance in the course?
    Yes, the course includes insurance
  • Can I use the bathroom?
    Of course!
  • What equipment should I buy for the course?
    I provide fabrics and equipment for the beginner course as part of the cost of the course, if anyone is interested in using a specific fabric, they are welcome to bring.
  • Is there an option to continue to a continuation course?
    Yes! And it's warmly recommended!
  • Can I bring my own sewing machine?
    Yes, but I provide you with a sewing machine to work with.
Once a week, 1.5H
350 NIS [per month]
meet at
4:30 p.m
Hebrew \ English 
sewing equipment
First project included in the price
group size
Up to 5 children
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