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Studio FaMoMa

 Workshops and sewing courses for beginners and advanced, in a bright, cozy studio in the heart of the old north of Tel Aviv

Join sewing workshops or variety of sewing courses with a study method adapted to each student. This allows progress at a personal pace, with an emphasis on practice and contemporary methods from the world of sewing and textiles. In my course, you will gain practical knowledge, connect with your creative side, and learn to install buttons, sew hems, zippers, and more. You'll work on a personal project and create various items of clothing, bags, or accessories. An enriching and pleasant experience is guaranteed, with personal attention and excellent prices.  Contact me today and we'll put together the appropriate program!

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For a group of friends/family looking to experience a shared creative experience, suitable for all levels.

Meeting length 

About 2.5H

Group size 

2-6 participants

Cost: 200 NIS [per person]

קורס תפירה למתקדמים



For those with beginner skills but want to learn more.

Course length 

5 sessions of 2H

Group size 

2 to 5 participants

Cost: 1020 NIS




An annual class designed for ages 13-19 who love to create, design and sew. 

Class length 

Once a week, Monthly

Group size 

Up to 5 participants

Cost: 350 NIS [per month]

קורס מתחילים



For those interested in acquiring or developing basic sewing skills, in a practical and customized course.

Course length 

5 sessions of 2H

Group size

2 to 5 participants

Cost: 865 NIS

חוג תפירה לילדים



An annual class designed for ages 10-12 who love to create, design and sew. 

Class length 

Once a week, Monthly

Group size 

Up to 5 children

Cost: 350 NIS [per month]




For anyone interested in an individual course with a personal one-on-one training.

Meeting length 

By appointment

Group size 

1 participant

Cost: 150 NIS [per hour]

Who is it suitable for?

My courses

In a bright, cozy and homely studio in the heart of the old north of Tel Aviv, at affordable prices for every pocket.


Practical and professional

אייקון ישיבה

A small group


Convenient hours

אייקון מיחזור

Recycled materials



אייקון הדרכה

Personal training

A new profession

אייקון קורסה

Pleasant studio

חוג תפירה ילדים

Why sewing?

Come learn something new, I promise you will be addicted 😊

אניקה גרונוביץ

 Annika Gronowitz
Your teacher for sewing courses in Tel Aviv

I was born in Sweden and was taught hand sewing in school and realized that with a sewing machine it will be both faster and more fun. Luckily my mother had an old Singer and I learned how to use it. At the age of 35 I made aliya together with my children. My children grew up, got married and brought me wonderful grandchildren, and at the age of 45 my children gifted me with my first digital sewing machine, and I continued what I started years ago, to sew and since then I have never stopped.

I love to sew for my children, my grandchildren and for myself.  In combination with the love of teaching (taught computer programs for years), I decided to start teaching sewing and opened Studio FaMoMa. Why that name you might wonder! Fa is the shortening for Farmor which means grandmother to your son’s children, Mo is the shortening of Mormor, which means grandmother to your daughter’s children, and Ma is of course Mamma! 

My motto is, that there are no stupid questions, no knowledge should be taken for granted and everyone needs their pace in the learning process. My students will testify that I am very patient, and that it is such a joy for me to pass on the pleasure and knowledge of sewing. Sewing lets you express your creative side and disconnects you from the stressful day to day life. Sewing keeps you active, you take control, you connect with people, and you get to have some nice “me time”.

 I recommend anyone who is interested in the field to come and try it out. Guaranteed addiction!

  Annika Gronowitz

About me

Where am I from and what is my background?

קצת תמונות מהסטודיו!

צרו קשר

אניקה גרונוביץ



טלפון: 054-2253009

כתובת: השל"ה 1 פינת בזל 33, תל אביב

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