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קורס תפירה

Private Sewing Lesson

A private one-on-one sewing class is the perfect solution for those who want to "tailor a course for themselves, "choose the hours, days of the week, the pace, and topic of learning. The private lessons will focus on developing your sewing abilities and enriching your technical knowledge. During the lessons, you can concentrate on specific subjects in which you want to improve and acquire new skills. You can learn a lot of different things depending on your choice: how to operate a sewing machine \ sewing techniques \ how to work with a pattern \ how to choose a pattern on the Internet \ how to choose a fabric according to a pattern \ how to cut fabrics \ how to sew a new garment from a garment you already have \ how to use an overlock machine \ how to use a cover stitch machine and more.

  • How to sew a new garment from a garment you already have

  • How to use an overlook machine

  • How to use a cover stitch machine

  • How to choose a pattern online

  • How to choose fabric according to the pattern

  • How to cut fabrics

  • How to operate a sewing machine

  • Sewing techniques

  • How to work with pattern

  • more and more

Coordinating a private lesson

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For more information

Call: 054-225-3009

  • Is there insurance in the course?
    Yes, the course includes insurance
  • Can I use the bathroom?
    Of course!
  • What equipment should I buy for the course?
    I provide fabrics and equipment for the beginner course as part of the cost of the course, if anyone is interested in using a specific fabric, they are welcome to bring.
  • Is there an option to continue to a continuation course?
    Yes! And it's warmly recommended!
  • Can I bring my own sewing machine?
    Yes, but I provide you with a sewing machine to work with.
Minimum one hour
150 NIS
By appointment
Hebrew \ English 
sewing equipment
Not included
group size
Participant witness 1
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