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קורס מתחילים

Sewing Course For Beginners

In the sewing course for beginners, you'll learn the ins-and-outs of the magic of the sewing machine, while sewing your own shoulder bag. This course is held in a small group of 2 to 5 students, allowing lots of individual attention. By the end of the course, you'll also be able to sew hems and make minor repairs. It's highly recommended to continue to the intermediate course in order to expand your knowledge and skills, such as how to use an overlock machine, sew a hidden zipper, clothes for you and your child, and finish with advanced techniques in different fabrics.

  • How to hem your pants

  • How to insert a regular zip

  • How to cut and pin fabric

  • The basics of a pattern

  • How to finish raw edges

  • How to use a sewing machine

  • How to sew straight

  • How to sew zigzag seams

For morning courses please contact me

Do you have a question? Can't find the right date?

call:  054-225-3009

  • Is there insurance in the course?
    Yes, the course includes insurance
  • Can I use the bathroom?
    Of course!
  • What equipment should I buy for the course?
    I provide fabrics and equipment for the beginner course as part of the cost of the course, if anyone is interested in using a specific fabric, they are welcome to bring.
  • Is there an option to continue to a continuation course?
    Yes! And it's warmly recommended!
  • Can I bring my own sewing machine?
    Yes, but I provide you with a sewing machine to work with.
5 sessions
(of two hours)
אייקון של ש"ח
865 NIS
meet at
Hebrew, English
sewing equipment
included in the price
group size
2 to 5 participants
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