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Learn the basics or more

Have you always wanted to learn how to use a sewing machine? Join my beginners’ sewing course in small groups of up to 3 participants, for all ages, or come for private lessons. 

Believe me, you don't necessarily need to be into fashion to want to be able to sew easily and effectively.

You may want to simply learn how to sew a zipper, but not necessarily design a whole jacket. Or you would like to just shorten your pants, fix that annoying hole in a sweater, or make some minor adjustments to a piece of clothing without running to the tailor.

You might want to sew a small piece for your kids, but don’t worry, you don’t need to measure their size for that. Learn how to make simple creations that you can download from the internet, or use a pattern from my stock.

This course will give you tips and tricks to help you get started on sewing, have fun in the process and enjoy your very own sewing powers!


Knitting courses for beginners are also available.


How it works! 

Participants per course: 3    (the same course can be taken as a one-on-one course)

Levels: beginners

Course length: 4 weeks (8 hours), with an option to extend (Read More)

Cost: 680 shekel

Sewing machines are provided, but you can bring your own and I will teach you how to use them.

Needles, scissors and all other sewing accessories are provided.

Fabric is provided for a fee, amount depending on the project.

Or even better: bring your own fabric!

After completing the 4-week course, you won’t go home empty-handed: whatever your creation is, it is yours to take home.


If you wish, you can continue the course  for an additional 4  weeks or go straight for this one  if you have some sewing experience . During those 4 weeks, we will learn how to choose, cut and assemble PDF patterns. It could be  kids’ clothing , T-shirts, tank-tops, pyjamas, A-dresses or any other pattern on a beginners level – whatever you feel comfortable with. You can also learn how to make a duplicate of that precious shirt that you can no longer find in any shop!

You can also learn how to use an overlock sewing machine.

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About me

Hi, my name is Annika Gronowitz. I was born in Sweden, and have been living in Israel for many years. I’m fluent in English, Hebrew and Swedish and can teach you in any of these languages.

I started sewing many years ago. I loved it so much that 10 years ago I became my grandkids’ personal tailor.  Nothing could be more satisfying. They just love their grandma's clothes, at least up to the age of 12! And I of course make all of their Purim costumes.


During Covid times, I believe I made more than 100 face masks in endless colors. 


Sewing and knitting give you the greatest pleasure and fulfillment and I want you to enjoy it just as much as I do, AND IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT!!

More activities



Participants per course: 3 (the same course can be taken as a one-on-one course)

Levels: beginners

Course length: 4 weeks (8 hours)

Cost: 680 shekel

Even if you've never knitted before, you'll feel comfortable in this setting. We will start getting familiar with the needles and yarn by creating simple usable items like scarves and hats. This class teaches traditional knitting skills, reading and following patterns while creating projects with a personal touch.   



Family Bonding Sewing Course

Participants per course: 2-5

Levels: beginners

Course length: 4 weeks (8 hours) or a onetime get-together

Cost: Please contact me for price

This course is great for bonding between all family members, while learning something new together!

See more details under “How it works”.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


Sip and Sew

Participants per event: 3

Levels: beginners

Course length: one-time, 2 hours

Cost: 200 shekel per participant includes fabric, snacks, and a glass of wine

Come sip and sew! Perfect girl’s night out! Sip a little and make a little something!

While enjoying a good glass of wine and some snacks, you all get to sew your own face mask or a cotton tote bag. Don’t worry! The materials at this event are provided to you and will be pre-cut, so even if you don’t know how to sew, you will all manage.


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